This image is a screenshot from the single frame in a video file called "Hook.avi".

No one knows exactly why this exists but it was leaked when a teenage boy (who shall not be named for privacy reasons) hacked into a computer in a Disney office. He looked through the files on the computer and saw that it had several work-in-progress episodes of various programs, such as "Henry Hugglemonster" and apparently an unfinished pilot for a brand new series called "Star and the Forces of Evil". What struck the hacker as odd was that all these files were contained in a single folder, as opposed to being more organized by having folders for the respective series. Nonetheless, the hacker continued scrolling down the folder and saw a file aptly titled "Hook.avi". The rest of the files were odd native formats that would most likely only work on Disney company software, so what was this doing here? The hacker assumed it was an episode of Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Out of curiosity, he clicked on the file once, and saw that the runtime was a mere ten seconds. The thumbnail didn't show up. The hacker, now very curious, opened the video file.

The video consisted of a single shot of Captain Hook as depicted in the show, only he was missing important facial features such as eyes and a mouth. However, this didn't appear to be a case of unfinished animation; It almost looked like this was intentional. He looked like a mannequin, the type of creepy, lifeless, robotic thing that you'd find in some abstract museum. The only sound was a barely audible, low-pitched noise of an infant screaming in agony. The hacker was a bit unnerved, but copied it to his computer anyway in case it was something more. He thought it could have been a prank by a disgruntled office worker, but what sick fuck would call this a joke? Later on he uploaded it to his MediaFire account, and over 200 people downloaded it before it was removed for unknown reasons.